Exhibitor application Questions & Answers (read before you apply)

This Q&A page was created to address some of the questions that always seem to pop up with interested luthiers and EGB members. Please contact us if this does not answer your question.


To read up on the history of the founding of the EGB and the Show visit europeanguitarbuilders.com.


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Why 'invitational?'

The Show concept was designed to create an interesting and appealing event for the visitors and to advance the art of lutherie. It is a showcase presenting the visitor with a wide variety of builds at different price points. To make this possible, all exhibitor spots are offered through curation and by invitation only. Luthiers interested in exhibiting can submit an application, which will then be reviewed by the invitation committee.

What are the criteria in the selection process?

– A versatile mix of luthiers from as many countries as possible.
– A maximum of exhibitors from one specific country to retain the international character (25 – 30%)
– Tables are given to experienced guitar builders, but also newcomers will have a chance.
– To ensure a fresh, attractive and appealing exhibit for the visitors and to give as many luthiers as possible a chance to exhibit, there will be a certain amount of turnover each year. We call this the ‘rotating exhibitor concept’. A luthier exhibiting one year might not be invited to exhibit in another year, and so on.

Who is selecting the exhibitors?

The Invitation Committee is made up of several board members of the EGB. They will evaluate all applications carefully, with a view to offer the public a varied and interesting cross-section of today’s high-quality handmade guitar scene.

Will it increase my chances to get a spot next year if I don't apply this year?

No. If you are interested in exhibiting submit an application.

I have exhibited twice in a row, does that mean I will not be invited again?

No, you might be invited again. If you are interested in exhibiting submit an application.

I sent my registration in time - why have I not received a confirmation?

See above question ‘why invitational’ – you sent an ‘application’, not a ‘registration’. Your application among others will be reviewed during the curation process, and we will keep everybody up to date regarding the results.

Many guitar builders have announced that they are exhibiting - why have I not been informed if I get a spot?

Patience, please. We have limited resources, and the selection process takes time. Not all exhibitors are invited simultaneously. Waitlist notifications will be sent out once all spots have been filled.

Do I need to be an EGB member to exhibit?

No. EGB membership is not a criteria for selection.

Does it improve my chances to get a spot at HGGS if I join as an EGB member?

EGB membership is not a criteria for selection. The EGB is an association founded to bring the European guitar makers together – to form a community – something similar to what they have in North America (GAL and ASIA). We didn’t have anything like that in Europe. Now we do. The EGB is developing into a lively, international community that the members are enjoying and benefiting from in many ways – educational, peer-to-peer support, combining purchasing power, and more. If you consider joining EGB, don’t do it for the Show – do it because you want to be part of our growing community!

I am an EGB member, do I get a discounted exhibitor fee?

No. The reason is that it would place members into an unequal position. Those members who would be invited to exhibit at the Show would benefit of such a rule, while those who applied but weren’t invited would feel the opposite: they paid the membership fee but do not benefit.

Why are there exhibitors from the USA even though it’s an EGB Show?

The Holy Grail Guitar Show is not an “EGB Show”. It is an international show, organized by the EGB to support the mission stated in the association’s by-laws. We want to showcase luthiers and their work from every corner of the planet. There are many great luthiers across the world, which have not been seen in Europe until now – they attract visitors, share their craft and knowledge, and provide creative impulses to their European colleagues.

Why are there so many electric guitar builders?

Virtually all boutique guitar shows in the world have an emphasis on the acoustic guitar. We wanted The Holy Grail Guitar Show to be different. The Show’s focus is clearly on the types of guitars used typically for the various genres of popular and modern music – jazz, blues, pop, rock, etc.. Our emphasis is intentionally geared towards the contemporary electric guitar – simply because there has never been such a show.

I represent various guitar builders and would like to apply to exhibit for them.

The HGGS is designed exclusively for guitar builders. One of the core tenets of the Show is that the luthier has to be personally present to engage with the visitors. So we do not allow representation through agents, dealers or other business representatives.

I have another event going on the same weekend, can my apprentice represent me?

No. One of the core tenets of the Show is that you, the luthier, has to be personally present to engage with the visitors. So we do not allow representation through agents, dealers or other business representatives.

Can I exhibit the instruments I designed, but which are built by a luthier I work with?

If you are a designer who works with a luthier (or several), and do not build the guitars yourself, you cannot exhibit yourself since you are not a luthier. You are welcome to collaborate with your builder on this: He/she can apply to exhibit and display your designs as part of his/her repertoire.

Why are there no suppliers of guitar parts and accessories at the HGGS?

After careful consideration we realized that the limelight of this event must be aimed completely at the luthiers and their instruments. Think of the HGGS as an art exhibition with the added element of music, where the visitors can meet the luthiers in a unique, relaxed atmosphere without distractions. Therefore, only luthiers can exhibit at the HGGS. We are not, however, forgetting or diminishing the value of our suppliers. They are invited to support us through their sponsorship, so that we can exhibit our instruments in a meaningful way. We warmly welcome our suppliers to visit the Show, meet the luthiers, and most of all, to witness the miraculous transformation from raw materials and parts to unique musical instruments.

I have a question — whom can I contact?

For general questions, exhibitor related issues and other inquiries contact Tania Spalt. She is the overall event coordinator and will forward your question to the appropriate person. You can also contact one of the EGB Board Members, information about them can be found on the EGB website at europeanguitarbuilders.com.