The European Guitar Builders association is happy to announce that the fifth edition of The Holy Grail Guitar Show will return to the Estrel Berlin on

Saturday & Sunday, May 2 — 3, 2020.

Until then, we invite fans of the handbuilt guitar to visit with EGB members at various events this fall and all through 2019, dates and event information can be found at
or on our Facebook page

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New winds are blowing. Did you know that recent statistics and studies show that playing guitar has become more and more popular among women during recent years? And yet, when visiting any guitar show, one can’t avoid noticing that the visitors (and exhibitors) are almost exclusively men. Where does this discrepancy come from, and is there something that can be done about it? Read more here!

For Guitar Lovers

Come and experience the most beautiful and exquisite electrics, acoustics, and basses in one place.  Meet the guitars and their makers, from the most avant-garde to the staunchly traditional. Each exhibiting luthier will be personally present at the Show. Open to the public. A relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Test cabins for electrics, acoustics and basses. Demo Concerts, lectures, seminars and more..
The absolute highlight of the year for any guitar aficionado!

By Luthiers

A first in Europe, this Show was conceived and is being brought to you by the European Guitar Builders Association (EGB), a community of small builders from all across Europe.  We proudly present to you The Holy Grail Guitar Show, a grass roots effort that has reinvented the concept of guitar exhibition – we felt the need for an event that offers the public a congenial and exciting setting, especially designed to present and promote the handmade guitar.

Join Our Quest

The event name we have chosen implies the constant search for perfection by the builder, and maybe also the unattainability of such perfection as well.  Sometimes we come close to attaining it, but then it eludes us, forcing us to persevere in our quest of building ever better instruments.

For you The Holy Grail Guitar Show might very well be where your personal quest of the perfect guitar will find its fulfillment.

Spread the word to your fellow guitarists, guitar enthusiasts and collectors!

We asked exhibitors at the Holy Grail Guitar Show 2018 what – in their opinion – is so special about hand-built custom guitars. This is what they told us.


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If you are a professional luthier and interested in exhibiting you can find more information about the concept and application on the Q & A page and you can sign up for the luthiers mailing list by clicking here to receive future information.