2020 Exhibitors – Preview

The following luthiers have confirmed their participation in The Holy Grail Guitar Show 2020. There are still more to come — as well as the detailed listings with photos and text, which will be published soon!


    Business Name                                                                               
Web Address
    A.J.Lucas luthier


United Kingdom www.lucasguitars.co.uk
    Albor Guitars


Mexico www.facebook.com/alborguitars/
    Alejandro Ramirez – o3 guitars


Spain www.facebook.com/o3customguitars/
    Alex Bishop Guitars


United Kingdom www.alexbishopguitars.com
    Andre Instruments


Canada www.andreinstruments.com/        
    Andy Manson Custom Guitars


Portugal www.andymanson.com


Belgium www.arrenbieguitars.be
    Atelier Jacky Walraet, Luthier


Belgium www.jacky-walraet.be
    Bacce Custom Guitars


Spain www.bacceguitars.com
    Baranik Guitars


United States www.baranikguitars.com
    Bashkin Guitars


United States www.bashkinguitars.com
    Batraci guitars


Greece www.batraciguitars.com


France www.battistonguitar.com
    Bigfoot Guitars


India www.bigfootguitars.com
    Buendia Guitars


United States www.buendiaguitars.com
    Cardinal Instruments


United States www.cardinalinstruments.com


Germany www.cgig-guitars.de     
    Chatelier Frères


France www.chatelierfreres.com/en/
    Daddy Mojo Stringed Instruments – DM Electrics


Canada www.dmelectrics.squarespace.com/
    Darmagnac Guitares


France www.darmagnacguitares.com
    De Gier Guitars & Basses


Netherlands www.degierguitars.com
    Deimel Guitarworks


Germany www.deimelguitarworks.de
    Diego Vila Custom Guitars & Basses


Spain www.guitars.diegovila.com/
    Donal McGreevy Guitars


United Kingdom www.mcgreevyguitars.com
    Dreamer Guitarworks


Brazil www.dreamerguitars.com
    Elferink Guitars


Netherlands www.elferinkguitars.com
    Ergon Guitars


Portugal www.ergonguitars.com
    Eyb Guitars


Germany www.eyb-guitars.eu
    Franfret Handmade Guitars


Spain www.franfret.net
    Frank Hartung Guitars


Germany www.hartung-guitars.com
    Franz Bassguitars


Germany www.franz-bassguitars.de
    Gerhard Schöpp Music


Austria www.schoeppmusic.at
    Giulio Negrini Guitars


Switzerland www.negriniguitars.com
    Halabica Guitars


Slovakia www.halabicaguitars.com
    hans custom guitars


Germany www.hansguitars.com
    Heeres Guitars


Netherlands www.heeresguitars.com
    Hordofonon Guitars


Greece www.hordofonon.com
    Indian Hill Guitar Company


Canada www.indianhillguitars.com
    Isaac Jang Guitars


United States www.isaacjangguitars.com
    ISLAND Instruments


Canada www.island-instruments.com
    Ivanov Guitars


Canada www.dontchoivanov.com
    iVee Guitars


Indonesia www.iveeguitars.com


Austria www.jablonski-guitars.com 
    James Collins Guitars


United Kingdom www.jamescollinsguitars.com
    Jens Ritter Instruments


Germany www.ritter-instruments.com
    Jersey Girl homemade guitars


Japan www.jerseygirlhg.com
    JJ Guitars


United Kingdom www.jjguitars.com
    Jonathan Razo Guitars


United States www.razoguitars.com
    Jünger Gitarrenbau


Germany www.juenger-gitarren.de
    Kauer Guitars Inc


United States www.kauerguitars.com
    Koll Guitar Company


United States www.kollguitars.com
    KOPO Guitars


France www.kopo.fr
    Kostal Guitars


United States www.kostalguitars.com
    Kristall electric basses


Germany www.kristallbass.com
    Laetsch Guitars


Germany www.laetsch-guitars.de
    Lakewood Guitars GmbH & Co.KG


Germany www.lakewood-guitars.de
    Lanzi Guitarras Bajos & Amplificación


Argentina www.lanzi.com.ar/
    Licari Guitars


Spain www.licariguitars.com
    Lowry Guitars


France www.lowry-guitars.com             
    Luthier S. Omang


Norway www.luthieromang.no
    M-tone Guitars


United States www.m-tone.com
    Marleaux Bass Guitars


Germany www.marleaux-bass.com
    Matsuda guitars


United States www.matsudaguitars.com
    Maudal Musical Machines


United States www.facebook.com/M3guitars/
    McNally Guitars


United Kingdom www.mcnallyguitars.com
    Meisterwerkstatt für Gitarrenbau | Daniel Zucali


Austria www.zucali.at


Spain www.meloguitars.com
    Michaud Made


Canada www.michaudmade.com
    Morrissey Guitars


United States www.morrisseyguitars.com/
    Nik Huber Guitars


Germany www.nikhuber-guitars.com
    Nordic Guitars


Denmark www.nordic.guitars     
    Ø.Husemoen Guitars, Norwegian Wood Series


Norway www.norwegianwoodseries.com
    Oliver Lang Instruments


Germany www.oliverlang-instruments.com
    Oni Guitars


Australia www.oniguitars.com 


Iceland www.ornguitars.com
    Oroborus Customs


Germany www.oroboruscustoms.com
    Pablo Sánchez Otero Guitars


Spain www.pablosanchezoteroguitars.com
    Pagelli Gitarrenbau


Switzerland www.pagelli.com
    Paul Belgrado Stringed Instruments


Belgium www.paulbelgrado.be
    PJD Guitars


United Kingdom www.pjdguitars.com
    Poljakoff Gitarren


Germany www.poljakoffgitarren.de
    Prohaszka Guitars


United Kingdom www.prohaszkaguitars.com
    Raato Custom Guitars


Finland www.raatocustomguitars.fi
    Ramos Guitars


Spain www.ramosguitars.com
    Soultool Customised Guitars


Switzerland www.soultool.com
    Rick Turner Guitars


United States www.rickturnerguitars.com
    Rikkers Guitars


Netherlands www.rikkersgitaarbouw.nl


Germany www.rissmann-gitarren.de


Czech Republic www.rozawood.cz
    Rui Silva Guitars


Portugal www.ruisilvaguitars.com
    Ruokangas Guitars


Finland www.ruokangas.com
    Sangirardi e Cavicchi


Italy www.sangirardiecavicchi.com
    Sankey Guitars


Canada www.sankeyguitars.com
    SBC Guitars


United Kingdom www.sbcguitars.co.uk
    Schorr Guitars


Germany www.schorrguitars.de


Germany www.seefeldt-guitars.com
    Sega Guitars


Poland www.segaguitars.com
    Serracini Guitars


Italy www.serracini.it
    Seth Baccus Guitars


United Kingdom www.sethbaccus.com
    Skytop Guitars


United States www.skytopguitars.com
    Soderlund Guitars


South Africa www.jgsguitars.com
    Spalt Instruments


Austria www.spaltinstruments.com
    Spohn Guitars


Germany www.spohnguitars.com     
    Steinbrecher Guitars


Germany www.steinbrecherguitars.com       
    Stevens Custom Guitars


Germany www.guitars.de
    Stoll Guitars


Germany www.stollguitars.de
    Stone Wolf Guitars


United Kingdom www.stonewolfguitars.com
    Stoney creek guitars


Netherlands www.stoneycreekguitars.com   
    Stratmann Gitarren


Germany www.stratmann-gitarren.de
    Swannell Guitars


United Kingdom www.swannellguitars.co.uk
    t.man guitars


Germany www.tman-guitars.de
    Taran Guitars


United Kingdom www.taranguitars.co.uk
    Tausch Electric Guitars


Germany www.tausch-guitars.de
    Teuffel Guitars


Germany www.teuffel.com
    Théo Kazourian Luthier


Canada www.kazourian-luthier.com/
    Thomas Guitars


Italy www.thomas-guitars.it
    Tobon Guitars


Colombia www.tobonguitars.com
    Turkowiak Guitars


Poland www.rafalturkowiak.pl/en/
    Turnstone Guitar Company


United Kingdom www.turnstoneguitar.co.uk
    TV Jones Inc


United States www.tvjones.com
    UniCut Guitars


Germany www.unicutguitars.com
    Valenti Guitars


Italy www.valentiguitars.com
    Vilhelm Engström Guitars


Sweden www.veguitars.com
    Von Huene Guitars


Germany www.jost-von-huene-gitarren.de
    Vuorensaku Guitars


Finland www.vuorensaku.fi
    Wateau Guitars


Germany www.wateauguitars.com
    Wild Custom Guitars


France www.wildcustomguitars.com