Saturday, May 5 – Demo Concerts by each of the 3 artists
Special Presentations: Sunday, May 6 — 09:00 – 11:00 / Passage & Public Lounge


New winds are blowing. Did you know that recent statistics and studies show that playing guitar has become more and more popular among women during the recent years? And yet, when visiting any guitar show, one can’t avoid noticing that the visitors (and exhibitors) are almost exclusively men. The people discussing on guitar forums and Facebook groups – dominantly men as well. Where does this discrepancy come from, and is there something that can be done to it?

When we set our foot to put up the first edition of The Holy Grail Guitar Show back in 2014, nobody quite knew what to expect. It was indeed a leap in the dark – not only for us, the organizers, but also for all the exhibiting luthiers, show sponsors and the many visitors who witnessed this unique event, later often referred by the international guitar media as “the new golden standard of guitar shows”.

Well – we haven’t settled back into the comfort zone since the first show success, but continued to observe the ever-changing world with an inquisitive mind – thinking outside the box. One of our more recent endeavours has been to address the fact that women are so underrepresented within the guitar loving community. So we decided to send a strong message: “It is not the women who need to change in order to fit into the world of guitars. No – it is the industry that needs a reboot. Off with the old, washed-out ways – welcome to the guitar loving community 2.0.

So how to make a guitar show inviting to female guitarists? The truth is, nobody knows – or at least no-one has succeeded in it yet. Our recipe is rather simple: Let’s have fun in new ways and see what comes out of it. And one thing is for sure – the EGB Community Build Project has most definitely already become a novel experience to all concerned, in all its wackiness – joined groups of world famous luthiers designing and making guitars for professional female players… for free!?


CB-Electric: first draft


The task was set as follows: Each team consists of 6-8 luthiers of different ages and levels of experience, from all over Europe. Three teams are formed – for an electric guitar, an acoustic guitar and a bass guitar. Three musicians are chosen: Elena Todorova (electric guitar), Jacqueline Bastek (acoustic guitar) and Julia Hofer (bass guitar). Each team designs and builds an instrument in collaboration with the musician.



CB-Acoustic: Christian Stoll and Jacky Bastek


A project with a clear mission: To have fun – and to rattle the chains. A new quest for the Holy Grail… Each collaborating luthier is forced outside their comfort zone – while each musician gains a new experience to share with the rest of the world.

The results of this exciting journey can be witnessed at The Holy Grail Guitar Show 2018.

In addition to the Community Build Project, EGB will introduce to you another fascinating endeavour – the Youth Guitar Group, with the aim of collaborating with children (ages 6-11) and creating a set of guitar-building instructions or kits, suitable for building low-priced instruments for schools.

CB-Electric: passing on the fingerboard, Martin Fant, Francisco Rodriguez, Juha Ruokangas, Jacco Stuitje



To further set a gender-equal tone to the next show, EGB encourages the exhibitors to bring in more female players performing at the Demo Concerts as well.


The three finished instruments will be presented by each player in a Demo Concert as well as in the special presentation on Sunday morning:


Jacqueline ‘Jacky’ Bastek — Community Build acoustic guitar

Julia Hofer — Community Build bass

Elena Todorova — Community Build electric guitar


Remember when Alice in Wonderland despaired and cried: “It is impossible!” – and The Mad Hatter gently replied: “Only if you believe it is.” Indeed – a great word of advice for all of us. Welcome to The Holy Grail Guitar Show 2018 – let’s make it magical!



For more images and videos about the processes and to learn more about how the EGB Community Builds got started visit the EGB Website!

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