18:00 - 18:20 - Room Lyon – Democoncert: Jacky Bastek for EGB Community Build (Acoustic Guitar)

Jacky Bastek is a Singer/Songwriter and Fingerstyle Guitarist from Eppstein, Germany. Her progressive sound stems from a wide variety of influences, forming a genre-hopping, innovative style. Her method of creating rhythm through tapping and beating her guitar, seamlessly blended with her haunting vocals creates the illusion of an entire band through a single artist. She’s been performing solo since 2014 and independently released her first album just two years after. She currently studies Jazz with Frank Haunschild at the HfMT Köln to enrich her sound and explore new territories.


This guitar (or bass) was created as part of the EGB Community Build project. More information at http://www.europeanguitarbuilders.com/cb-projects/