Ralph Bonte

Ralph Bonte lives in Bruges, Belgium. His modest size workshop is a hive of creativity. The result of many years of study at the CMB (Centre for Music Instrument Building) in Puurs, Belgium is seen in the wonderful instruments that have left his workshop. Flat tops, archtops, electrics, resonator guitars, the odd Weissenborn and the humble ukelele, all of the highest quality craftmanship and supreme woods. Ralph has been training upcoming luthiers in his old Alma Mater in Puurs for the last seven years. He has already exhibited in 2015, made many new friends and is looking forward to a happy reunion.

I’ve been building guitars for over 22 years. Being a guitar player myself and playing in a bluesband for 30 years has helped a lot. My main influence is ‘Americana music’, that’s where I get my inspiration. Participating the Holy Grail is a thrill and a joy combined.