Atelier Jacky Walraet, luthier
Jacky Walraet

Jacky Walraet honed his lutherie skills at the renowned “Cmb” lutherie school in Belgium, where he has since amassed over 25 years of experience as teacher of steelstring and archtop guitar building. Early on, he had the honour of working for big names in the Jazz world and quickly established a firm reputation. As founding member of the LGR-Project he has gained considerable experience regarding the use of non-tropical woods in guitar making. More recently Jacky has concentrated on creating new designs, hand crafting a limited number of unique instruments, each with its own one-of-a kind visual and sonic characteristics.

Participating in the EGB’s Holy Grail Guitar Show is a thrill that drives me to the boundaries of my skills even challenging me to surpass them and making me curious as to what comes out.