Bassart Guitars
Matthias Meyer

Since 1996 Bassart has produced the finest custom made instruments, starting with their own series of guitar and basses. They can build what the customer wants using the finest woods and the best hardware to build whatever you dream of. Lacquering is one of their passions, no matter whether PU or Nitro, sparkle or metallic, you imagine it, they paint it to their outstanding quality. A lot of well-known luthiers have their guitars finished by Bassart Guitars. There are no wishes that can’t be fulfilled. High quality repairs: Intonation problems, worn frets, broken headstock and professional maintenance are Bassart’s fortés. They are also best known for restoration of vintage guitars.

I’ve been working as a professional luthier building electric guitars and basses since 1996. Besides the production of custom instruments, I have my own model line under the label Bassart Guitars. This year, we are increasingly exhibiting our new Archtop and Meyer Hollows…