Claas Guitars
Alexander Claas

Alexander Claas from Hanover, Germany builds modern high end electric guitars and basses. Claas Guitars stands for innovation and the highest quality in the market. The MobyDick is the result of several years of invention and the quest for perfection. The special design enhances a superb playability, great ergonomics and an outstanding sound. The long neck joint creates an ongoing sustain, perfect tuning stability and easy access to the highest frets. Especially today, where culture leans towards more versatility and the highest quality, instruments also have to make this change and Claas Guitars is tuned into the right way to do that.

My name is Alexander Claas, founder and master luthier of Claas Guitars from Germany. I want to create modern guitars and basses, which not only fulfill the requirements of a highly skilled contemporary musician, but are a statement of quality and individuality!