Daguet Guitars
Roger Daguet

Passion is the key word of his work. The criteria are simple: ease of playing, best possible sound (meaning for him: sustain,dynamic,character) while making you feel like it’s 1966 again! He’s a lover of old guitars (Mosrite, Harmony, Supro, Epiphone, Ricky, Dano, Wandre… all of them!) especially the outsider ones. All these hidden gems that wrote the electric music of blues, jazz AND rock’n’roll of the last century! Most of the time they were terrible compared to our 21st century standards and so his final goal is keeping the soul but making them better than they were if not… perfect. KOTJM!

Hello everybody! I’ll be glad to be a part of the HGGS for a second time, a great opportunity to meet fellow luthiers and passionate musicians from all over the word, learning things I didn’t know (a lot) and maybe showing some you don’t know (perhaps?) and have fun together! Two words, “let’s rock!”