Daniel Zucali – Master Luthier
Daniel Zucali

Since successfully graduating as a string instrument maker in 1995 Daniel Zucali’s focus is on manufacturing, repairing and restoring classical guitars. After being certified as a master plucked-instrument luthier in 2003, nylon stringed guitars are the only thing he builds. However, this includes multi-string guitars with up to 18 strings as well as instruments of various sizes and tunings all the way from the octave guitar to the octave bass guitar. Seeing the customers’ joy when receiving their unique handcrafted instruments is his motivation to keep building ever more instruments.

Even as a young boy, I was fascinated by musical instruments and especially by their remarkably beautiful woods. I have been building guitars for 27 years now, especially nylon strings, from octave to bass guitars with up to 18-strings or more. I am looking forward to meeting interesting people in Berlin.