Essence Guitars
Tobias Ahlke

The Essence Guitars workshop of master craftsman Tobias Ahlke is located in the quaint village of Remagen-Oberwinter within spitting distance of Beethoven’s home town Bonn, Germany.
He handcrafts electric and acoustic guitars of the highest quality. The instruments are made of finest materials, perfectly matching the customer’s demands. Timeless aesthetics, outstanding playability and a sound to die for are the unique features of his instruments providing a new level of inspiration.
Besides building state of the art guitars, Tobias Ahlke is renowned for performing high quality repairs and modifications of all kinds.

With timeless design, innovative features and high skilled craftsmanship, I am dedicated to bringing the guitar to a complete new level, to serve and inspire the musician as much as possible. The Holy Grail Guitar Show is the perfect event to show my vision of modern guitars.