Frameworks Guitars
Frank Krocker

Frameworks stands for focusing on what’s important. Excellent sound and timeless design unite in an instrument that has been appreciated by world class musicians for over 20 years. The unique frame is not just an eye-catcher but delivers maximum functionality. By disconnecting its frames, the instrument can easily go into your carry-on luggage on a plane. That way, the FRAME becomes a permanent companion for artists who value simplicity, quality and mobility.
Most importantly, the FRAME scores where it matters – with the players. We’re grateful for having been allowed to serve great artists like Badi Assad and Wolfgang Muthspiel.

Frameworks Guitars is happy to take part in the Holy Grail Guitar Show. We strive to create guitars which combine the best possible amplification, high quality materials and workmanship as well as a unique and appealing design. We are looking forward to showing you our instruments!