Great Owl Guitars
Maurizio Cuzzolin

Great Owl Guitars are borne out of the love that Maurizio Cuzzolin has had for guitars since he was a child. He lives and works in Oderzo, just a few kilometres from Venice. Profound research and selection of wood, combined with constant care during the construction process are the cornerstones of his work. Maurizio’s goal is to create instruments with a defined, balanced sound and with a great sustain. Among his models, all entirely hand-made, there are a few designs that required innovative and “out-of-the-box” solutions. The logo of his guitars is the owl… he says he resembles one.

Great Owl Guitars come from the love for guitars I’ve had since I was a child. I live and work in Oderzo, near Venice. All my guitars are all entirely hand-made. The owl is the logo of my guitars. I chose it because it resembles me a little… I am excited to participate in the HGGS, I consider it to be the most important event in Europe.