Hans Guitars
Thorsten Hans

Hans guitars was established in 2011 in the beautiful historic city of Tübingen.
Thorsten Hans’ advanced guitar models do not only reflect the deep knowledge of sixty years of electric-guitar history and building techniques, but also the guitar’s cultural meaning today. This leads to unique instruments like the Reggatta de Bleu, that, while based on a traditional outline as a starting point, he takes the freedom to go far beyond.

I grew up with three things fascinating me: music, electric guitars and the carpenter’s workshop of my father. Just add up these three, and you know why I have to build and repair guitars. After years of enriching experiences, apprenticeship (carpenter) and academic studies (cultural studies) my view has evolved. The electric guitar is not only an object. You ‘wear’ it and thereby you make a statement. I want to help the player discovering their personal statement. I participate in the show to meet new customers and colleagues, and to add my part to this living and vibrant part of popular culture.