Lava Guitars
Rapolas Grazys

Lava Drops (Lava Guitars) is a cross pollination between the fields of acoustics and modern instrument design concepts crafted using very authentic and rare materials. The output is innovative and forward-looking high-end gear. Lava creator Rapolas Grazys is known for specific instrument design concepts while using very rare materials like black amber, bell brass, aircraft aluminum, gold and silver details, stiffened lava, wood that is used for building ships, very rare and old wood, one piece unibody constructions etc. Every Lava Drop is a unique sculptural piece created with artistic care and vision.

The passion of creating guitars is the most influential tool for expressing my personality as an artist. I understand musical instruments as a combination of art / design, rich tone / acoustics and materials that could be used to create something spectacular. I will participate in the HGGS show because I see a future of new musical instrument concepts and the new ideas behind every maker who is attending the show.