M.O.V. Guitars
Marco Omar Viola

Marco Omar Viola is an Italian Master Luthier, he graduated in 1999 from The School of Luthiery of Milan. After several collaborations with many professional luthiers, he started M.O.V.Guitars, his own workshop, in 2008. M.O.V.Guitars is a modern laboratory of artisanal lutherie and comes from the passion for instruments and music. M.O.V.Guitars workshop offers brand new handcrafted guitars, repairs and customization. All the handcrafted instruments by Marco are signed on the headstock with his surname “VIOLA” to separate the daily works of M.O.V.Guitars from his high quality instrument production. Every VIOLA is a fine handmade guitar, the coming together of design, archtecture, wood physics, beauty and musician’s experiences.

I spend my days making my customer’s dreams real, that’s my aim. The HGGS is a great opportunity to display my way of guitar making surrounded by the best expression of the art of luthiery from all over the world.