M-tone Guitars
Matt Proctor

Matt Proctor is a guitar maker, sculptor and musician who has been building M-tone guitars since 2009. His art-filled studio is located in the heart of Portland, Oregon, USA. Every M-tone guitar is one-of-a kind and meticulously hand made from rough milling of the wood to final setup. These instruments are defined by innovative shapes, finishes and materials. Matt draws on many techniques he originally developed for his cast metal sculpture, frequently incorporating hammered, folded and patinated steel, brass, copper and aluminum components. M-tone guitars are known for their seductive hand-carved necks, impeccable fretwork, and unusual finishes.

I make cool one-of-a-kind electric guitars by hand in Portland, Oregon, USA using interesting woods and manipulated metals. I’m passionate about guitar building, and participating in The Holy Grail Guitar Show is a dream come true, because it is, after all, truly the holy grail of guitar shows.