Manzer Guitars
Linda Manzer

Linda Manzer is recognized as one of the world’s outstanding luthiers. Her creative journey with Pat Metheny has produced many remarkable instruments including the renowned 42-stringed Pikasso guitar, a fretless nylon archtop, the first acoustic Baritone guitar and the distinctive sitar guitar to name but a few. Her guitars have been displayed in the Smithsonian, Washington D.C.; the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and the Museum of Civilization, Canada. She received her training from Jean Larrivée and later with Jimmy D’Aquisto in New York. She has also made guitars for Carlos Santana, Bruce Cockburn, Paul Simon, Milton Nascimento and Julian Lage.

I build guitars to inspire musicians to express themselves in the universal language – Music. Coming to the HGGS in Berlin is a wonderful chance to allow my guitars to be seen and played in a great environment among the worlds best luthiers.

Photo Copyright: Linda Manzer