Marc Saumier Luthier
Marc Saumier

Marc Saumier started building guitars in 1996. His models include steel string, nylon string, archtop and resonator guitars, acoustic and upright basses, ukuleles and unusual instruments such as a 12-string nylon string guitar, all made mostly from locally-sourced wood that he resaws into tonewood that is perfectly quarter sawn and straight-grained. Focusing his attention on sound quality and playability, his instruments all possess a unique voice caracterized by a wide dynamic range, good note separation and excellent sustain. This is acheived by the innovative and unique soundboard bracing patterns he developed over the years.

I love guitars, they have always fascinated me, I also love woodworking. When I made my first guitar two of my passions merged… I found my true calling, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. Every time I string up a new guitar I get the same thrill.