Maudal Musical Machines
Martin Maudal

Maudal Musical Machines, Ear Candy for your Eyes, Eye Candy for your Ears since 2006 – Woodface™ electric resonators, Semi-hollow and solid body electrics, mandolins … All of the woods used in Maudal Musical Machines harvested, cut, seasoned and hand picked by Martin Maudal personally. Reminders are left in the work that these guitars didn’t arrive in a vacuum sealed package. They were living things – in fact living eco systems in themselves. The designs allow for a bit of what the Japanese call wabi sabi – perfection in imperfection. They are designed as tools, and as Art. Meta-Art actually.

I built my first resonator because I wanted one and no one told me it would be hard. Lolz! I built every one since because I realized that someone could pick up this instrument in 200 years and make music that I can’t imagine.