Maxmonte Guitars
Massimiliano Monterosso

Max is the man behind all operations at Maxmonte Guitars. In his workshop in Abano Terme, (Italy), Max uses his personal mix of traditional and modern techniques to craft his instruments, incorporating cohesive design with tone, responsiveness and playability. He builds steel string guitars and harp guitars and over the years has developed a comprehensive range of models spanning from the diminutive 19” scale Roe, his standard Thames, Columbia and Danube six strings, and unique Harp Guitars.
Each guitar can be customised with many options, such as fanfrets, bevels, custom scales, inlays, cutaways, and much more.

I started building because I loved the guitar, and to this day each new one is a thrill. I strive to make each instrument better than the previous one, and this challenge drives me to move forward with each build towards the perfect guitar. Come check my work in Berlin!