Onirica Guitars
Emanuele Faggion

Emanuele Faggion approached luthiery at the age of 19 from a self-taught perspective, driven only by curiosity and passion for creation and knowledge. These peculiarities molded his approach to guitar building. In fact, he sees his job not as a mass-production of all-equal instruments, but as a chance for the discovery of new unique expressions and characters, given his conviction that one can give the best of himself and build “alive” instruments only when completely free to create and express. That may be the most difficult way, but it is the most rewarding for sure, both for the luthier and the guitarist.

HGGS is one of the best shows for all the custom guitar builders out there. Uniqueness and creativity are encouraged and rewarded, unlike the standard retail market. There can be nothing better for an individual luthier who, like me, likes to experiment and put his own character in his creations!