Orn Custom Guitars
Gunnar Örn Sigurdsson

Gunnar has been designing and building guitars since 2000. Based in Reykjavik, he works in close conjunction with his customers, sharing his passion and inspiration to provide guitars that are designed to work as an extension of themselves in their guitar playing. He collaborates with local artists and craftsmen to create guitars that both look and sound beautiful. Gunnar runs guitar courses on a regular basis for those who would like to make their own. His guitars are touring locally and internationally with some of Iceland’s top bands and musicians such as Solstafir, Vintage Caravan and Of Monsters and Men.

I can’t imagine not building guitars. It’s like breathing for me, but for the spirit. There’s always something new to discover and try. New ideas in my head. I can always push myself further. HGGS is 135 guys like me sharing the product of their passion. There’s nothing like it.