Oroborus Customs
Tobias Traub

Founded 2011 by Tobias Traub in Berlin, Oroborus Customs is specialized in building custom steelstring guitars. It is important to the company that the customer has the feeling to be at home, to be in a safe place where one can open up, talk about one´s desires and ideas and to be taken seriously about one´s thoughts. All this is necessary to build an instrument which opens one’s heart, makes one feel satisfied and happy. After all, music is one of the most beautiful and fullfilling things ever and Oroborus Customs’ goal is to build instruments which give one this feeling.

Wood and Music are a huge part of my life since I was little. In my 20’s I wanted to start something new. And that was Lutherie. I didn’t know much about this work, but I fell in love since day one. It’s the most fullfilling thing I’ve ever done.”