Poljakoff Gitarren
Jakob Poljakoff & Alexander Bua

After some years of working on his own, there will be quite a big change in 2018 in the workshop of Jakob Poljakoff. Jakob’s brother Alexander will join Poljakoff Guitars. Like-minded in their demand for quality and accuracy they build steel-string and nylon-string guitars. All of their instruments are fully handcrafted with a building process based on traditional as well as modern methods. Their guitars come with a modest, almost minimalistic look and the sound can be described as a combination of power and perfect clarity without being harsh in any situation. They put a lot of effort into building and there is always a personal touch with small details to be found all over the instruments.

The work as a guitar maker is a perfect combination between craft and art. Both of us, Alexander and I, decided to become professional luthiers after working as pattern makers for several years. We now complement each other perfectly in the workshop and we are looking forward to presenting our work at the HGGS.