Torsten Preuß & Friederike Preuß

Preussguitars stands for absolute premium quality instruments. Torsten’s longtime experience as a musician and plucked instrument builder enables him to create instruments with excellent tone and outstanding playing characteristics. On top of that a superb inlay artwork is implemented. Only high quality materials such as matured wood(s), bone, shell, stainless steel, alpaca, brass etc. are used. Each Preuss instrument has its own process of development and Torsten is always in close contact with the customer. He works on every instrument personally with handcrafted precision which always leads to a single, unique and distinctive masterpiece. Torsten offers the design for a new instrument or any sort of repair / restoration of your (old) personal instrument. In this field he has a treasure trove of experience and even non-standard design ideas are welcome.

I intend to build guitars and basses to give musicians the best tools for their work. I participate in the HGGS to show that handmade instruments are affordable.

Photo Copyright: Andreas Thomann (portrait), Frank Fickelscherer-Fassl (instruments), Torsten Preuß (workshops)