Rischke Guitars
Norbert Rischke

Rischke Guitars develop and build exclusive electric guitars for the discerning rock performer. Their passion is to build guitars with new, fresh designs to create a visual highlight on any stage, and to meet the highest demands in quality, sound, versatility and durability. Each model is elaborately crafted by hand. They use only the best materials such as mammoth ivory, most finely figured Canadian maple and top-grade hardware. Pearlescent finishes lend their shining fascination to the bodies. The pickups, exclusively made for Rischke Guitars, impress with a gripping, cutting tone that is hard to match.

At the HGGS I want make my instruments known to a wider audience and show how innovation and tradition could be most excitingly combined. I want to have guitarists inspired by the outstanding, fresh designs and give them the opportunity to experience the quality, sound and feel of my models first-hand.

Photo Copyright: © 2017 Rischke Guitars