Schorr Guitars
Nicolai Schorr

Nicolai Schorr builds experimental electric guitars and basses that focus on tonal and visual clarity. They are handmade in his shop in Berlin-Neukölln, using mostly domestic woods and non-toxic finishes. Informed by his background in fine arts, Schorr tackles many aspects of the construction and design of a guitar in a proprietary way. He utilizes all-external electronics and sliding pickup assemblies. His neck-to-body joint can be fully adjusted and disassembled without tools. The brushed body finishes create a matte and uniform, yet slightly structured and warm surface.

I have a strange affection for guitars. Schorr Guitars is my way of dealing with it. The HGGS exhibits many interesting guitar builders, and it is a wonderful chance to meet them all. I also look forward to showing my instruments in this context and talk to people about them.