Sonntag Gitarrenbau
Stefan Sonntag

Sonntag Gitarrenbau has specialized in Archtop Jazz Guitars since 1998. Since then the workshop of Stefan Sonntag has produced over 300 guitars of that type. The models range from acoustic built archtops, which some customers play unamplified in big bands like in the good old times of Swing, to hollow electric models for solely amplified playing. Every single guitar is built one at a time and exclusively by hand, using selected wood stored for at least five years. Sonntag archtops are played all over the world by leading jazz guitar players. From California to China, every customer can find his type of archtop guitar at the shop of Stefan Sonntag.

I am building archtop guitars in order to transfer the spirit of the swing era into the present and to preserve the heritage of the old master luthiers like John D’Angelico. I am participating in the HGGS because they provide an awesome forum for the handcrafted guitar.