Stoll Guitars
Christian Stoll

In 2018 Stoll Guitars is celebrating its 35th anniversary. From the very first, Christian was aiming to realise his own ideas regarding body shape, bracing, overall appearance and sound. His product range extends from classical to steel string guitars, acoustic basses and ukuleles. Christian is innovative, unconventional and known to be keen to experiment and therefore always open for new ideas. This reflects in instruments such as “The Legendary Acoustic Bass”, Steel string and classical guitars with fanned frets, a reversible double neck guitar, a bowable bass guitar and extras like side sound hole, extended cutaway, semi-fretted soundboard and more.

Wood is a living material and if you don’t get in touch with it and sense its potential, you’ll never achieve the optimal sound. That’s why each of my guitars receives the attention it deserves to become the best it can be. I’ll never get tired of this challenging work.