Stone Wolf Guitars
Mike Payne

Stone Wolf Guitars is a two-man company producing handmade high-end custom electric guitars. SWG specialises in using a combination of epoxy resins and wood, making guitars with a unique aesthetic and feel. SWG also offers customers a full custom build service, allowing them to tailor every detail of their build to their personal specifications. Stone Wolf Guitars’ luthier, Mike Payne, has been making guitars since 2011. He taught himself the craft and over the years has strived to consistently improve his workmanship and skills. His goal is to create guitars that are both beautiful and practical, hard-working tools for Musicians.

I started making guitars in 2011 as a hobby, it soon turned into a passion and my full-time job. I love experimenting with new ideas and materials. Being able to exhibit at the Holy Grail Guitar Show, amongst the top luthiers in Europe, is a major highlight in my career.