Thomas Ochs Gitarrenbau
Thomas Ochs

Each instrument leaving the workshop of Thomas Ochs reflects the quest for perfection, which also incites the musician to artistic peak performances. For Thomas it is of utmost importance to craft your instrument according to your individual needs and expectations. He strives to create an instrument you feel absolutely and completely comfortable with. Technical perfection, great attention to detail, and finest nuances in sound design characterize his guitars. Located near the world heritage city Bamberg in southern Germany, Thomas builds truly customized instruments from meticulously selected materials with a special focus on non-tropical woods and sustainability.

Even after more than 20 years as a guitar maker, beginning a new instrument is a sparkling and thrilling experience. Lutherie is a passion beyond words and for me, being part of the 2018 HGGS just puts the cherry on the cake. See you in Berlin fellow Guitar Lovers!