Wilm Stötzel Gitarren
Wilm Stötzel

To find an inspiring match between player and instrument one can’t expect to walk a straight line. It is an ongoing search to find out what the player is longing for. It’s Wilms desire to create this guitar – an instrument that you simply can’t put down, a sensitive yet reliable tool, making you want to play. Stötzel Guitars are responsive and rich in overtones while still having a strong sonorous bass. In his workshop in Freiburg, Wilm builds steel string guitars catering to your individual wishes. Instruments with an aesthetic line both hands and eyes never tire of touching.

The Holy Grail Guitar Show celebrates what we are all addicted to: The handmade guitar! It is my wish to be part of that circus. Being dedicated to building the best possible guitar for you I would like to meet you there so together we can dream up your guitar!