Zeal Guitars
Bastian Kanbach & Oliver Reich

zeal[zi:l] SUBST~Fervor;Enthusiasm
The four letters in their company logo thus become the credo in their work. Enthusiam and passion for the guitar as a whole and the material wood. Their instruments are individual pieces which are completely handcrafted from a wide range of carefully selected materials and finely seasoned tonewoods. The workshop of Bastian and Oliver is situated in Kaiserslautern, southwest Germany, in the heart of the palatine forest. Not more than 20 – 30 instruments leave their workshop each year, which are played by the skillful hands of guitar players all over the world.

We love the creative freedom of our job, working closely together with musicians to make their dream of their instrument come true. The HGGS gives us the chance to meet artists, colleagues, suppliers and visitors from all over the world who are as passionate about guitars as we are.

Photo Copyright: workshop photo 1 – Brecher Visual Communication